Configure Speed Dial From a Line Key on the Grandstream GXP1610 / GXP1615 Series Phone

With the GXP1610 / GXP1615 Grandstream series phone it's possible to reprogram the keys.


If you want to repurpose the Line Key to speed dial a number follow the following steps:

  • Go to the GXP1610’s Web GUI
  • Go to Settings > Programmable Keys
  • Configure the Line Key’s Key Mode as Speed Dial
  • Select the account to dial from and enter the Name and User ID (phone number to be dialed out) for the Line Key
  • Click on “Update” at the bottom of the Web GUI page
  • Off hook the phone, or directly press the Speed Dial key to dial out
  • After completing the last step, you should be on the phone with the number you dial
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